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Sản phẩm   /  MÁY UV/VIS, AAS, HPLC, GC...  /  Thiết bị hãng METASH
Hệ thống phá mẫu bằng vi sóng
Hệ thống phá mẫu bằng vi sóng
Model: MWD-500; Metash - China
Giá: Liên hệ email: info@matsu.vn
Thông tin mô tả


Model: MWD-500; Metash - China

Product Description

Microwave digestion, as a high efficient method of sample pretreatment has advantages of fast even heating, less reagent, lower blank value, energy Saving and high efficiency. It keeps sample integrity for volatile element analysis testing. It is widely used in food, textile, Geology, metallurgy, coal, biological medicine, petroleum chemistry, environment monitoring, wastewater treatment, battery manufacturing fields and so on.


* Create curve according to pressure and time and display on the touch-screen. Test and real-time monitor the pressure by Non-contact way.

* Set corresponding protection pressure in accordance with different conditions of experiment.

* Users can set parameters in various functions according to their own requirements

* Suitable for high pressure digestion, multi-vessel closed digestion and closed organic synthesis

* Can edit, and store 255 digestion programs; each program can set up 10 digestion steps; Can set relative parameters (pressure, time and microwave power) according to user’s requirements.

* 360°rotation mode of digestion platform to solve heat uniformity problem.

* High frequency resonant regulation mode, Users can set microwave power between 0-1000W according to their requirements.

* Automatic calibration for different parameters and basic troubleshooting function

- Pressure Control: Full Scanning

- Temperature Control: No

- Vessel Volume: 60ml

- Pressure Testing: Non-contact

- Temperature Testing: No

- Sample Quantity: 6

- Vessel Material: Inner Vessel: Imported TFM; Outer Vessel: Imported PEEK+ glass fiber

- Maximum Working Pressure: 5 MPa

- Pressure Limit: 6 MPa

- Maximum Working Temperature: 2500C

- Temperature Limit: 3000C

- Outer Vessel Pressure Limit: 10 MPa

- Screen: 7 Inch Touch Screen

- Pressure Control Range: 0-5 MPa (0-50kg/cm2)

- Pressure Control Accuracy: 0.1MPa(1kg/cm2)

- Microwave Power: 1000W, set from 0 to 1000W according to requirements

- Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz

- Exhaust System: High-power  Blower, exhaust speed > 5cbm/min

- Rotation Mode: 3600 continuous rotation

- Microwave Leakage: < 5 mW/ cm2

- Power: AC 220V,10A,50/60Hz

- Size: 520 × 400 × 460 mm

- Weight: 30kg

- High quality large touch-screen

* 7 inch large touch screen for easy operation .

* High Resolution, clear display, easy readout.

* Multi parameters display:  curves, pressure, timing, power, digestion procedure and operation procedure.

* Menu Operation design ensures clear operation and humanity.

* Stable and good quality display.

High quality digestion vessel

* Inner and outer digestion vessel design ensures safety for easy pressure testing

* Imported TFM material for inner digestion vessel

* Imported PEEK and glass fiber for outer digestion vessel

* Special processing technique ensures no using of sealing bowl or explosion-proof membrane which reduces large consumable cost.

* Special vessel structure design makes continuous working and automatic return to closed condition in case of digestion vessel over-pressure which ensures no sample and reagent waste.

* Special molding for vessel ensures uniformity Multi safety protection measures

* High precise pressure testing system to test inner vessel pressure and display it

* High precise controlling system makes instruments stop heating if inner vessel pressure is higher than limit to avoid any injury, or hurt.

* Sound mo, nitoring sensor ensures the alarm and pausing the inst, rument when there is abnormal sound.

* Special protection for over-pressure or instant pressure raise.

Door can be opened if there is any abnormal circumstances, and at the same time the instrument will stop the running microwave.

* Self – checking and prompting function, ensure the instrument will pause and prompt relevant fault during the digestion process.

* Reaction data of the closed digestion vessel will be transferred to CPU for analysis and do real-time monitoring the change during digestion procedure.

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