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Bể điều nhiệt
Bể điều nhiệt
Model: TCB-7; PSL - UK
Giá: Liên hệ email: info@matsu.vn
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Máy điều nhiệt nước

Model: TCB-7; Catalogue No.: 20402-1

Hãng sản xuất: PSL - UK

Xuất xứ: Anh

PSL Rheotek TCB-7 Viscometer bath (40 litres). 230V/50-60Hz.

Complete with 7 holes with lids and cooling coil.

Suitable for use in the temperature range 15 to 150 deg. C.

Supplied with certificate of calibration at 40 deg. C (or other temperature if specified at time of order).

(Note optional refrigerated circulator required for temperature range 15 to 40 deg.C).

Stirred liquid bath, Suitable for kinematic viscosity, solution viscosity and density testing. Other voltages available.


   - Calibration to 0.02ºC 

   - 7 Viscometer positions

   - Small footprint

   - Thermometer holder built in

   - Cooling coil built in

   - Stainless steel casing

   - Splash proof keypad

   - Range up to 150ºC

   - Integrated back light (optional)

Test Methods:

ASTM D445 Standard Test Method for the determination of kinematic viscosity

ISO3104 Petroleum products – determination of kinematic viscosity

IP 71 Part 1 Kinematic Viscosit

Easy to Use

The TCB-7 bath is very easy to operate. Using the touch pad on the control unit, the set-point is keyed in. The set-point can be programmed and calibrated to two decimal places. Thermometer holder for precision thermometer is built in. Safety features include a  low liquid level switch, an upper temperature limit warning, a low temperature limit warning and a high temperature cut-out device.

Excellent Visibility

The bath construction affords full visibility of up to 7 viscometers, which can be placed in the bath simultaneously.

Built in cooling coil

The TCB-7 bath can be used from 15 to 150°C, and is supplied with a built in cooling coil. Operation at temperatures from 15ºC to 40ºC  require an external source of chilling. This is provided by a cool liquid, which is passed though the cooling coil.  A low cost recirculating chiller is available from PSL to provide the cooling required. The PSL Rheotek TLC-250 Chiller is specially designed for operating with the TCB-7MkII bath. 

Stability Certificate

All TCB-7 baths are supplied with a certificate of  temperature stability and uniformity. Excellent circulation technology provides superior uniformity.

Bath Specifications:

Temperature Range +20 to* to +150°C

Setting ±0.01°C

Stability ±0.02°C

Bath Volume 40l

No. of Positions 7

Depth 400mm

Length 420mm

Width 405mm

Height 420mm

Weight 36kg

* external refrigeration required for 20,25 & 30°C set points

Part No. Ordering Information

20402-1 PSL TCB-7 Viscometer bath (230V/50Hz)

20402-1/BL PSL TCB-7 Viscometer bath with integrated back light (230V/50Hz)

RP00023 Refrigerated circulator 230V/50Hz

20420 External background illuminator

1612/01 Calibrated Stop Watch (Splashproof)

20430 Viscometer Bench Stand

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