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Máy đo độ nhớt động học của dầu mỏ
Máy đo độ nhớt động học của dầu mỏ
Model: SKY1003-I; Shenkai - China
Giá: Liên hệ email: info@matsu.vn
Thông tin mô tả

Automatic kinematic viscosity tester for petroleum products

Model: SKY1003-Ⅰ; Shenkai - China

Applied standards: 

GB/T 265, ASTM D445, ASTM D446, ISO 3104

Application range: 

applies to determination of kinematic viscosity of transparent liquid petroleum

products that are flowing.

Function Features

- 5"Dot Matrix LCD display, soft keyboard, friendly human machine interface

- Use 3-tube Ostwald viscometer for high degree of automation

- Double independent test channels that will not influence each other, which facilitates the users

- Patented temperature control system that uses A+ class glass platinum resistor so that the system can have high accuracy of temperature control and short time for becoming stable.Temperature control can be achieved at any point

- Dimethyl-organosilicone oil works as heat preservation medium, which does not have color,odor and poison. It is also harmless and oxidation resistant

- Precision photoelectric sensor is used to measure the liquid level of sample oil. The sensor can take measurements quickly and respond fast

- Reliable liquid level protecting function

- Automatic sample inhale, measure, clean and dry

- The vacuity of the inhaled sample can be adjusted according to different viscosity of the oil sample with the indication of vacuity meter to facilitate the operation

- The user can set the time and times of cleaning and drying. The cleaning result is through and excellent

- The black box for test result can store 100 test results with internal printer that can search and print at any time

- RS232 port for connection with LIMS system of the chemical laboratory

Technical Specification

- Power supply: 220±10% VAC, 50±1Hz

- Power: ≤1700W

- Dimension: 450mm (width) * 500mm (depth) * 650mm (height) (not including filtration and cleaning accessories)

- Weight: 60Kg (including heat preservation medium)

- Environment temperature: 5~35℃; Environment humidity: 20-90% RH without condensation (35℃)

- Heat preservation range: 20℃~100℃(The optional cooling circulator is needed at 20℃)

- Accuracy of temperature control: ±0.02℃

- Steady time for temperature control: <1h

- Accuracy of timing: 0.1S

- Maximum range: 0.1~2000.0S

- Heat preservation medium: 20L dimethyl-organosilicone oil (Customer-provided)

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