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Thiết bị đo độ nhớt các sản phẩm dầu mỏ
Thiết bị đo độ nhớt các sản phẩm dầu mỏ
Model: SKY1003-Ⅲ; Shenkai - China
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Thông tin mô tả

High precision temperature control kinematic viscosity tester

Model: SKY1003-Ⅲ; Shenkai - China 

Applied standards:

GB/T 265, ASTM D445, ASTM D446, ISO 3104

Application range:

applies to determination of kinematic viscosity of transparent or nontransparent liquid petroleum products that have fluidity.

Function Features

- 2.1"Dot Matrix LCD display, soft keyboard, friendly human machine interface

- Use 3-tube Ostwald viscometer suitable for various double-tube viscometers and contraflow viscometers

- Four independent test channels for simultaneous testing

- Patented temperature control system that has acquired approval from East-China Measurement and Testing Service. The instrument uses A+ class glass platinum resistor to acquire high accuracy of temperature control and short time for becoming stable.Temperature control can be achieved at any point

- Dimethyl-organosilicone oil works as heat preservation medium, which does not have color,odor and poison. It is also harmless and oxidation resistant

- Optional automatic timing and calculation function (optional)

- Reliable liquid level protecting function and extreme temperature preservation function

Technical Specification

- Power supply: 220±10% VAC, 50±1Hz

- Power: ≤1700W

- Dimension: 400mm (width) * 400mm (depth) * 550mm (height)

- Weight: 30Kg

- Environment temperature: 5~350C; Environment humidity: 20-90% RH without condensation (350C)

- Heat preservation range: 200C~1000C (The optional cooling circulator is needed at 200C)

- Accuracy of temperature control: ±0,010C

- Uniformity of temperature field: ≤0.02℃ Steady time for temperature control:≤1h

- Heat preservation medium: 20L dimethyl-organosilicone oil  (Customer-provided)

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